Understanding EV Charging: Why Does Your Charging Speed Slow Down?

Understanding EV Charging: Why Does Your Charging Speed Slow Down?

Have you ever wondered why your electric vehicle's (EV) charging speed slows down, particularly when your battery reaches around 80% capacity? Fear not, your battery isn't malfunctioning. Instead, it's a deliberate measure taken by your EV to ensure optimal health and longevity.

Charging, especially at higher amps and voltage levels, tends to increase the temperature of EV batteries. This effect is particularly pronounced with Level 3 DC chargers, where the substantial power output can lead to heightened stress and battery overheating.

To counteract these challenges and maintain your battery's temperature, many EVs come equipped with Battery Management Systems. These systems play a crucial role in safeguarding your battery during the charging process.

Allowing your battery to overheat without temperature regulation can lead to degradation of its capacity over time. The charging speed slowdown around 80% capacity is a protective mechanism aimed at preserving your battery's well-being.

For those curious about the charging process, monitoring the State of Charge (SoC) is akin to checking your car's fuel gauge. It helps you understand if the slowdown in charging speed is a result of safety measures or other contributing factors.

When charging at home, consider the power needs of your household. Remember, the power supply is shared with other appliances. Simultaneous use of high-powered appliances can extend your charging time.

Additionally, external factors like temperature play a role in charging speed. Charging may take longer in colder temperatures, so be mindful of the weather conditions.

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