After Tesla picks up the car, several must-buy accessories

After Tesla picks up the car, several must-buy accessories

After bringing back my beloved Tesla, I must be very happy in my heart, always thinking about adding something to my new car to make it easier to use and have more personality.
I have personally picked up the car for a period of time. Based on my experience in using it during this period, and at the same time, based on the principle of frugality, I will list a few equipments that I personally think are very necessary. Others are optional. I can If you don't go up, you won't go up.

1. Car screen protector

First of all, a screen protector is definitely necessary. This is easy to understand, just like a mobile phone protector. It is not that the original screen is not good, but after a long time of use, especially children who like to play games and watch videos, like to be sharp, or sharp objects easily scratch the screen when they are not paying attention.
Putting a protective film, cheap and practical, can solve these problems.
Just choose a popular type of screen protector, it does not need to be very high-end.

2. Mobile phone holder

Tesla is good in everything else, but the navigation map sucks.
Therefore, it is basically the first choice for big guys to be equipped with a mobile phone stand and then use the mobile phone's Google map.
I personally recommend choosing a better phone holder, preferably a magnetic one.
The first one I chose was the electric one, which is stuck on the air outlet of the air conditioner, and is charged by solar energy. It is easy to use, but there is only one problem: the card is not tight enough. drop down. During the New Year’s Eve, I walked about 4 kilometers of bumpy road, and the mobile phone holder fell off a few times, which made me decide to replace it with a mobile phone holder.
I am now using a mobile phone stand with a magnetic suction, which is very stable and easy to use. Its direction and length can be adjusted at will. For example, it can be adjusted to the left side of the car screen, which is convenient for viewing the navigation from time to time, and it is also convenient for operating the mobile phone, such as opening the itinerary code. Falling off the safety hazard, I bought it.

3. Mudguard

Tesla’s car paint is very thin. It is said that if you go to the place where the car is automatically washed, the paint will be washed off if the impact of the water is stronger. In this case, it is necessary to have a fender.
The price is not expensive, and the installation is also simple. It can effectively resist the small stones and mud that splashed during the driving process. I personally recommend it.

4. Car charger

The on-board charger is the last stubbornness of Tesla owners, and it is the emergency thing at the most critical time.
Although fast charging and supercharging are very convenient now, I still strongly recommend that everyone must have an on-board charger in the car. It is not expensive, and it may not be used in normal times, but it is very important when it is needed, such as returning to the car. Hometown in the countryside, or going to remote suburbs, or traveling to mountainous scenic spots, etc.
And if you have a yard at home, and you don’t run high-speed often, you don’t even need a charging pile at home. Just get a car charger, pull it out from the home, and charge it directly when you come back from the car every day. The is also a hero, and cheap, only 5 cents a time, and only 30-40 yuan when he is full of intentions. He can run and wave freely.

5. Floor mat

I personally highly recommend the first 4, I think they are necessary, but the foot pad depends on personal preference.
Tesla originally had foot pads in the car, and the texture was fine. But it's too dirty. If anyone comes up, if there is a little dust on their feet, the car will look very dirty. And on a rainy day, or if someone gets a little mud on their feet, it's very dirty, very outdated, and not very easy to take care of.

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