Tesla Storage Accessories Recommended for Model 3/Y

Tesla Storage Accessories Recommended for Model 3/Y

Tesla Storage Accessories for Model 3/Y Recommended : 

1. Center control layered tray storage box: front storage box + rear storage box.

It is recommended to buy the same flocked models with the original car. Because the Tesla original Tesla storage box is very deep, is is not convenient to look for iterms. And this layered tray storage box is the perfect solution to such as keys, cards and other small objects storage.

2. Armrest box cover hidden storage box.

Buy and sell the paste firm, or the summer car high temperature easy to fall. Tesla armrest box cover left a groove, just install this hidden Tesla storage box. You can use it to put some private or important things, such as driver's license, driving license, etc.. Solve Tesla storage problem for you!

3. Under the main passenger seat storage box.

This storage box Perfectl  fit Model Y, under the main passenger seat space, easy to store, but also to stop the rear of the items rolled into the driver's cab obstruct the brake.

4. Rear Tesla storage box under the armrest box.

It refers to the space under the tail of the armrest box, especially the space under the Model Y is very large, so you can fully utilize it.

5. Central water cup limiter.

Just use it to fix the water cups do not shake, Tesla original two cups are very large, drinks, water cups, etc. are basically placed unstable, with this limiter is much better, coffee will no longer spill to the passenger goddess.

6. Start the key card placement limit pad.

For those who use the card key to drive friends, get into the car and put the card into the slot, in the line of evidence will not slide away.

7. Door storage slot mat.

Easy to clean storage slot, and flock the original car slot , easy to accumulate dust and difficult to clean, set this mat for better protection and cleaning and hygiene.8.

8. Car tissue storage bag

Choose to hang under the big screen or armrest box, can also be buckled in the back of the seat headrest for the rear passengers to use.

9. car small table

Usually often go out, but also need to use the computer office must, buy foldable, easy to store.

10. The back of the main passenger seat hooks

For rear passengers to hang some of the things led by hand.

11. Main passenger seat back phone bracket.

It is for rear passengers (especially children) to watch cell phone video, long-distance travel essential magic. Expand Tesla storage space for you!

12. Car trash can.

Buy the kind of small and delicate

13. Visor glasses box

Like to drive with the sun eyes of friends car enthusiasts must, Tesla original car did not match the glasses box.

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