2022 Ultra Practical Tesla Accessories Recommendation & Sharing

2022 Ultra Practical Tesla Accessories Recommendation & Sharing

It has been half a year since I bought the car, and I just came to write this recommendation blog about Tesla accessories. Lest you ask, I'll tell you here in advance that the shop where I buy Tesla accessories is Tesla parts Inc. Tesla parts Inc. is a one-stop shop for Tesla owners to buy all Tesla accessories they want. On this website, you can find not only the basic must-have accessories for daily needs, but also the accessories for protecting or upgrading the interior and exterior. Next, based on my personal experience, I recommend some practical Tesla accessories to you. 

1. Tesla Floor Mats

The new car you just bought has not been driven for a few days, and the car is full of muddy footprints? This affects the experience and is difficult to clean. Don't worry, these are good things that can help you easily. I chose these waterproof 3D Tesla floor mats because of their all inclusive design and high-quality composite materials. While providing convenience for you, they will perfectly protect your health with modern environmental friendly TPR materials. I have used this set of floor mats for half a year, and the quality is very good now. It has a special texture, no peculiar smell, and is very easy to clean. Tesla floor mats are thought to be the one of the must popular Tesla accessories


2. Tesla Sunroof Sunshade

When it comes to Tesla accessories, I strongly recommend this Tesla sunroof sunshade. When I first bought the car, I didn't install this thing, so I got very sunburned in summer. I have personally experienced driving in strong light for about a week, and I felt unwell after more than an hour. And strong light can easily cause dizziness, which is very dangerous when driving. So buy a Tesla sunroof sunshade. In hot weather, Tesla's glass roof can almost fry eggs. This Tesla sunshade can achieve 99% sun protection. The sunroof sunshade I bought is foldable and can be put in my bag when not in use, which is very convenient.


3. Tesla Trash Can

If you are a cleaning maniac and can't stand garbage in your car, buy this car trash can right away. It's really great, with 8 rolls of garbage bags. It's easy to take it off directly, and it's enough. Usually, car owners can put the garbage of daily products such as small debris and peel inside to keep the car clean.


4. Tesla InflatableAir Bed

I Want to stretch out, lie on the inflatable bed, and instantly find the feeling of a big bed at home, so I bought this air bed. This high-quality inflatable air bed is non-toxic, tasteless, breathable and washable, thus providing users with excellent durability and comfort. When I travel on holidays, I often encounter traffic jams, which can last for 3 to 5 hours. So I took out the inflatable mattress from the trunk so that I and my family could have a good rest. I can even use it when I'm camping outdoors. To me, air beds are a parctical Tesla accessories.


5. Tesla Central Control Screen Protector

I believe we all know that the central control screen is often covered with fingerprints or dust in the process of daily use, which greatly affects the use experience. Stick this dust-proof and fingerprint proof central control screen protective film on it, and you can easily solve the above problems. This 100% anti bubble anti glare protective film makes it easier for users to see the contents on the screen under complex outdoor lighting conditions. In addition, after special processing, it is very wear-resistant and does not affect the inspiration of the touch screen. And it feels smooth and worth having.


6. Tesla Memory Car Neck Pillow

When driving, people always look in one direction, which can easily lead to neck muscle spasm and cervical microdislocation, headache, dizziness, neck stiffness, back pain and other symptoms, and even life-threatening paraplegia and dyspnea in serious cases. This Tesla neck pillow is made of high-quality environmental protection cotton, which is soft and comfortable. Effectively absorb impact and improve driving safety. Installed at the neck of the seat, it is not only a decorative article for the car, but also a neck rest, which effectively eliminates driving fatigue and is conducive to safe driving.



7. Tesla Roof Rack

There is no denying that we want to take some luggage with us when we plan a long trip. However, the space for storing the trunk of the car is limited, and girls in particular may worry about this. Therefore, I will recommend some useful things to help solve this problem. Yes, it is a roof rack, which is very practical for me. Made of high-quality aluminum, it has better quality and service life. The Tesla roof rack has a beautiful appearance and is integrated with the vehicle. Aluminum coated crossbar with T-shaped groove can accommodate various accessories, such as ski rack, bicycle rack, kayak rack or cargo box. This kind of Tesla roof rack can effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient luggage space of Tesla Model Y.


8. Tesla Key Card Holder

I believe that many car owners, like me, like to keep the key card and mobile phones together. At this time, the corners of the key card are easy to scratch the mobile phone screen, or the key card is scratched by other hard objects. I'm glad to find a treasure that can protect and place the card key, that is, the Tesla key card holder. This heat and cold resistant key card holder is made of industrial grade silicone material, which has strong toughness and elasticity, and is not easy to scratch and deform. Its face is smooth and comfortable, soft and easy to clean.


This blog recommended some Tesla accessories based on good use experience and texture. The price is suitable and affordable to most people compared with other stores. Just take action to make your driving experience more pleasant and convenient!

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