TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 Charger: A Portable Powerhouse for On-the-Go EV Charging

TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 Charger: A Portable Powerhouse for On-the-Go EV Charging

For the avid electric vehicle (EV) drivers constantly navigating the roads, having a dependable portable charger in the trunk is a game-changer, enabling quick top-ups on the move. Introducing the TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger, a reliable solution for on-the-go charging with its straightforward functionality and portability.

Key Features of the TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 Charger:

  • Direct plug-in compatibility with standard 240-volt outlets.
  • Robust 32 Amps charging power for swift recharging.
  • Extended 21-foot cable for flexible and convenient charging

A Step-by-Step Guide on Using the TeleEV Charger:

Step 1: Locate a Suitable Power Source This portable charger demands a NEMA 14-50 outlet, commonly found in RV parks, campgrounds, and some homes. Ensure the chosen power source can handle the charger's maximum output of 32 amps and 240 volts.

Step 2: Plug into the Outlet Once a suitable power source is identified, effortlessly plug the charger into the outlet. Keep an eye on the indicator light and display screen for confirmation of activation.

Note: Ensure your EV is parked within reach of the charger and close to a NEMA 14-50 outlet.

Step 3: Connect to Your EV Open your vehicle's charging port and securely insert the J1772 connector. Listen for the confirming click, signaling that the charger is in place. Charging initiates automatically.

Step 4: Monitor the Charging Process Stay informed about the charging progress through your vehicle's dashboard or the charger's display. LED indicator lights illustrate the charging status, while the display screen provides insights into power input, charging current, and unit temperature.

Step 5: Adjust Charging Current as Needed With a maximum charging current of 32 Amps, the TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Charger allows flexibility. Press the "-" button to slow down the charging if necessary, beneficial for scenarios like preventing overheating wiring or facilitating slower overnight charging for optimal battery warmth in the morning.

Step 6: Safely Disconnect the Charger Once your battery reaches full charge, safely disconnect the charger from your vehicle's port. Press the release button on the charging plug and gently remove it from the port. Unplug the charger from the outlet, maintaining a firm grip on the plug during removal. For neat storage, loop the cable and place it in the provided carrying bag.

Conclusion: The TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 EV Charger stands out as a reliable and convenient solution for EV owners in need of a portable, user-friendly charging option. Whether you're at home or embarking on a road trip, this charger's easy plug-and-play functionality, coupled with its informative display, ensures a quick and secure EV charging experience. Charge up swiftly and seamlessly with the TeleEV NEMA 14-50 Level 2 Charger, your trusted companion for on-the-go EV power.

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