TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter- Is It Worth Your Investment?

TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter- Is It Worth Your Investment?

In a recent breakthrough for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, a new opportunity has emerged for Tesla owners to charge on a CCS DC Fast Charger, thanks to the latest innovation - the TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter.

If you're someone who loves road trips and is always on the go, tired of finding and queuing at Tesla superchargers in your vicinity, and desires a broader range of charging alternatives, the TeleEV CCS1 charger adapter is here to meet your needs.

Embracing Freedom and Accessibility
With the TeleEV CCS1 Charger Adapter, you gain access to an additional 4,500++ DC Fast charging stations across the United States. This means no more reliance on Tesla superchargers in your vicinity or enduring queues to kickstart your fast charging session. It's all about the freedom to choose where and how you charge your Tesla.

CCS Overtakes CHAdeMO
In the United States, the CCS charging station has officially surpassed CHAdeMO, becoming the largest EV charger network in terms of sheer numbers. Leading stations such as Electrify America and EVgo Services now offer multiple CCS ports, a significant improvement compared to the typical 50kW CHAdeMO unit, which only provides a single port.

Beyond Tesla Superchargers
While the Tesla supercharger network is extensive and advanced, it falls short of being ideal in certain situations. There are still numerous areas outside the reach of a Tesla supercharger, and users have reported long queues and waiting times.

Embracing the Future of Charging
The TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter addresses these challenges by providing Tesla owners with access to four times more DC Fast charging stations in the US. Imagine the convenience of having a broader network and faster charging options at your disposal, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.

So, if you've found yourself in situations during your trips where you wished you could use a CCS DC fast charger and couldn't, now you can, thanks to the TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter!

Products Figures:

Tesla Supercharger

CCS DC Fast-charger

Full Charge*

As little as 30 minutes

As little as 45 minutes

Maximum kW*

72/150/250 kW

Up to 70 kW

Charging stations

(NA region)

1,075 Stations

4,786 Stations

Embrace the future of electric vehicle charging with TeleEV. Say goodbye to limitations and queues, and welcome the freedom to choose your charging destination. With the TeleEV CCS1 to Tesla Charger Adapter, you're not just charging your Tesla; you're charging ahead into a more accessible and convenient era of EV travel.

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