Power Up Your Non-Tesla EV Anywhere: Unlocking Tesla Charging Stations!

Power Up Your Non-Tesla EV Anywhere: Unlocking Tesla Charging Stations!

In Tesla's dominant world, Tesla charging stations are ubiquitous. You might wonder: Can other cars utilize Tesla chargers? Don't fret; TeleEV is here to clarify! The TeleEV J1772 Adapter enables charging J1772 EVs with a Level 1 or Level 2 Tesla Charger!

Despite its compact size, this adapter boasts durability with high-quality materials. It seamlessly connects to your electric car on one end and the Tesla charger on the other, granting access to public Tesla charging stations. When paired with a Level 2 charging station, the adapter facilitates fast charging, delivering an impressive rate of 25-40 miles of battery life per hour.

Adapter Usage:

  1. Connect to Tesla Charger: Press the red button on the Tesla charger side to release the cap on the adapter. Keep it pressed while sliding it onto the Tesla charger.

  2. Plug into Your Vehicle: Take the charging end and plug it directly into your electric car. Use the grey lever to release the charger once done.

Why Purchase This Adapter? Teslas rank among the most popular cars in America and possibly other countries. Some hotels or residential areas may only have Tesla chargers available. Having this adapter on hand expands options for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners. Moreover, in emergencies where only Tesla chargers are accessible, this adapter proves invaluable.

The TeleEV Tesla to J1772 Adapter is an exceptional product offering high quality, reliability, and functionality. It serves as a perfect solution for non-Tesla users seeking access to Tesla charging stations. With its durable build and dependable performance, this adapter is a valuable accessory for seamless and convenient electric vehicle charging.

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