2022 Must-Have Tesla Accessories Collection (Long-Term Update)

2022 Must-Have Tesla Accessories Collection (Long-Term Update)

Tesla Accessories

This collection of must-have Tesla accessories in 2022 will list all the practical Tesla accessories on the market. It is recommended to like or favorite and then take a look. These blogs will be updated regularly...

This blog will recommend the must-have Tesla accessories for Tesla owners from three aspects: Tesla interior, exterior and floor mats/front and rear trunk mats. Let me give you the bottom line first. Most of the accessories mentioned in this article are recommended to you after I have done a lot of research and purchased and experienced it myself. I will list the purchase links of each involved Tesla accessories for your convenience.

Let's get started:


Tesla Interior Accessories

1. Tesla Sunshade

Tesla has a large and cool glass sunroof, and it is very convenient and romantic to look up at the sky and watch the stars and the moon. But in summer, the temperature in the car will be exposed to more than 50°. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause discomfort to the driver and passengers, and the interior of the car is prone to cracking and aging. With this sunroof sunshade, you no longer need to worry about these problems. This Tesla-specific sunroof sunshade blocks 99 percent of UV rays, reducing heat inside the car and keeping the car cool in summer. When winter comes, you can put it away in the trunk.

2. Napa Leather Tesla Seat Covers

I believe everyone knows that in the process of daily car use, the original car leather seats will inevitably be soiled by dirt, liquids, etc., or be invaded by animal claws or other hard objects. If you're looking to upgrade your Tesla style while protecting your precious seat, installing a set of Tesla seat covers is a great option. Because after the seat cover is installed, your precious leather seat can be fully protected from foreign objects to a large extent, and its service life can be extended.

3. Central Control Screen Protector

A good screen protector can protect the central control screen and prevent the screen from being damaged. Although the central control screen may not easy to be broken like mobile phones and tablets, daily wiping with a rag may also cause wear and tear, and the cost of replacing the central control screen is relatively high. From this point of view, it is still beneficial to film the central control screen. This Tesla screen protector with 9H hardness is your best choice. It has the characteristics of anti-blue light, anti-fingerprint, and anti-dust, which is very practical. Its performance is very good, but the price is very affordable, only $19.99.

4. Accelerator Brake Pedal

The pedals of the original car are plastic, and the foot feel is relatively poor. It is recommended to replace them with metal + rubber anti-skid pedals. These accelerator brake pedals are designed with a non-slip surface of high-quality aluminum alloy and rubber material. Excellent fit and finish make this performance pedal set look OEM style. Silicone will strips provide excellent grip and enhance the coefficient of friction.

5. Car Headrests

The headrests of Tesla's front-seat master and passenger seats are one-piece and cannot be adjusted. Maintain a position for a long time, drivers are prone to fatigue and back pain. You can buy a set of car headrests for frequent long-distance driving to relieve driving fatigue. The car headrests can also protect the head in the event of a traffic accident. When the car is running at high speed, if a collision occurs, inertia is generated, and most of the force will be concentrated on the neck, and the neck will not be protected. When driving, the safety of human life is also threatened, so it is necessary to use the car headrest reasonably when driving.

6. Key Card Holder

Be aware that Tesla key cards are prone to wear and tear with frequent use without protection. Over time, the key card is scarred, dirty and old. In addition, some owners often put the Tesla key card and mobile phone together. Since the key card is left naked, its metal edge and front end can easily scratch the phone screen, and long-term friction can even cause permanent damage to the phone screen. At this time, you especially need a soft key card holder to wrap it. And this premium key card holder will be the perfect choice for you! With it, your Tesla key card is fully protected from scratches from hard objects and dust.

7. Camera Cover

There is a camera in the Tesla car that will monitor the situation in the car in real time, and those who are worried about privacy exposure can choose to block it. The camera cover is designed with a slider, which can be slid freely and very smoothly. Installing this camera cover is simple. First make sure the camera screen is clean and free of smudges such as dust. Next just remove the small adhesive backing from the camera cover, align it with the camera and press it firmly into place.


Tesla Exterior Accessories

1. Roof Rack

There is always a problem when you travel far, that is, you need to bring too much luggage with limited luggage space. The limitation of space inside the car has troubled countless car owners who like to travel far away. Don't worry, we've got a great proposal for you - install a Tesla roof rack and make the most of your roof space! Whether you enjoy adventures with friends or just need a way to transport your cargo - the Tesla roof rack is the perfect accessory!

2. Mud Flaps

As we all know, when driving on a muddy road in rainy days, it is usually unavoidable that the mud and muddy water on the ground will stick to the tires of the car or splash on the body, which will affect the appearance and increase the number and cost of washing the car. In addition, if you often drive on rough country roads, the gravel on the road will fly out due to the rolling of the wheels and cause damage to the body. Once the paint is damaged, the owner may have to pay an expensive repair bill. Install this Tesla-specific mud flap, and you can easily avoid the above problems!

3. Tesla Spoiler

Many Tesla owners who pursue individuality think that the rear of the original Tesla car is too monotonous, low-grade, and lacking in features. Therefore, many Tesla owners choose to install the rear wing after picking up the car, making the Tesla cooler and more stylish.


Floor Mats/Front and Rear Trunk Mats

1. Waterproof 3D Floor Mats

The original car of the new car already has floor mats and rear carpet, but they are all made of flocked, which are not waterproof and difficult to clean. It is very necessary to buy a set of all-weather waterproof and dirt-resistant floor mats, especially in rainy seasons. This is a 3-piece set of floor mats. They will not block the brakes and accelerators at all, and will not affect driving safety. Plus, each floor mat features a raised edge that provides seamless protection against the penetration of dust, mud, liquid, and snow, protecting your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 floors.

2. TPE Floor Mats

This set of TPE floor mats is a 6-piece set that provides protection for all floor areas in the car! Not only do they protect Tesla floors from stains, liquids, grime, etc., but they also provide you with a clean, comfortable driving environment.

3. Front Trunk Mat

The front trunk lacks protection and gets dirty very easily during daily use. A mat can effectively protect the front trunk of the original car.

4. Trunk Pet Mat

Does the hassle of traveling with pets still exist, no matter how careful you take care of them? For example, sharp claws of pets often scratch the seat or trunk, leaving scratches that cannot be removed. Heavy cargo is also prone to scratches in the trunk during moving or placement. Don't worry, this trunk pet mat is designed to provide the best protection your Tesla trunk needs. This is definitely a must-have for any Tesla owner who loves to travel with their pets!


This 2022 Tesla accessories collection recommends the most practical Tesla accessories for Tesla owners from three aspects: Tesla interior, Tesla exterior and floor mats/front and rear trunk mats. Accessories with different functions and styles can meet the different needs of Tesla owners, and you can choose the accessories you need according to your needs. Hope this blog can help you.

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