Empower Your EV Knowledge: Key Terms in TeleEV Charging Decoded

Empower Your EV Knowledge: Key Terms in TeleEV Charging Decoded

To navigate the world of electric vehicle (EV) charging, it's essential to grasp fundamental terms that influence the charging process. Here are five terms that every EV enthusiast should be familiar with:

1. Amp (Ampere)

Ampere, or amp, is a unit that measures electrical current. Visualize current as the volume of water flowing through a hose – a higher amperage signifies a faster flow of electrons from the power source to your vehicle.

2. Volt

Volt measures electric potential, analogous to the water pressure in your faucet. Increased volt levels lead to faster and more powerful charging, similar to how heightened water pressure results in a more forceful gush of water.

3. Kilowatt (kW)

Kilowatt, or kW, quantifies the power consumption of electric appliances. In the EV context, it defines the rate at which your vehicle consumes electricity.

4. Energy (kWh)

Energy, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), represents the total amount of electricity consumed by an appliance during one hour of charging. Think of it as the cumulative water passing through a hose in an hour – higher kWh values result in a faster recharge rate for your EV.

5. State of Charge (SoC)

State of Charge refers to how full your EV's battery is, expressed as a percentage from 0-100%. Think of it as your EV's "fuel gauge," providing insight into the charging process.

Three Essential EV Terms:

1. Power

Power, often equated with horsepower, is measured in watts and signifies the transfer rate of energy. In electric cars, it encapsulates the speed, torque, and acceleration of your EV. EVs, rated in kilowatts, require substantial power.

2. Maximum Range

Maximum range denotes the distance your EV can travel on a single charge. Considering that the average American drives around 40 miles daily, even EVs with shorter maximum ranges are suitable for typical use.

3. Maximum Charge Rate

Maximum charge rate denotes your vehicle's electricity acceptance limit during charging. If your maximum charge rate is, for example, 50kW, it sets the upper limit for charging power, impacting the charging speed.

TeleEV Leading the Charge

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