Elevate Your Tesla Charging Experience with TeleEV's CCS to Tesla Adapter

Elevate Your Tesla Charging Experience with TeleEV's CCS to Tesla Adapter

As a Tesla owner seeking expanded fast-charging options beyond the Supercharger network, TeleEV's CCS to Tesla Adapter emerges as the ideal solution. This adapter not only supports a remarkable 150 kWh charging rate for all Tesla Models S/3/X/Y but also ensures a swift and reliable charging experience in diverse weather conditions. In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide on utilizing the TeleEV CCS to Tesla Adapter for seamless and efficient electric car charging.

Unlocking Fast-Charging Potential:

Key Features of TeleEV's CCS to Tesla Adapter:

  • 150 kWh Charging Rate: Swiftly charge your Tesla in just 45 minutes, unlocking a new level of convenience.
  • IP55 Weatherproof Design: Operate worry-free in various weather conditions, with a design that ensures safety and reliability.
  • Wide Temperature Range: From -22 °F to 122 °F, this adapter guarantees optimal performance regardless of weather fluctuations.

Step-by-Step Guide for Efficient Charging:

Preparation: Before commencing the charging process, ensure a hassle-free experience by updating the adapter's firmware.

Step 1: Attach the CCS Connector: Securely attach the CCS connector to the adapter, ensuring a snug fit with no wiggling or movement.

Step 2: Wait 10 Seconds: Allow a brief 10-second interval before connecting the adapter to your car's charging port. Ensure all connectors are firmly attached with no loose connections.

Step 3: Plug into Car's Charging Port: With a secure connection, plug the adapter into your car's charging port. The station will seamlessly communicate with your car, initiating the charging process automatically.

Step 4: Recognition and Charging Initiation: Wait for your car to recognize the adapter, signaled by the blinking green indicator light. Charging will commence once the connection is successful.

Step 5: Monitoring Progress: While your car is charging, monitor the progress on the charging station or your car's dashboard display. Charging time may vary based on the station's capacity and your car's battery level.

Step 6: Completion and Disconnection: Once your car's battery is fully charged, turn off the charging station and unplug the adapter from the charging port. To release the adapter from the charger, press and hold the button on top of the plug and disconnect the adapter.

Conclusion: Enjoy Fast Charging Anywhere, Anytime with TeleEV:

Charging your electric car at any Tesla charging station becomes a seamless and efficient experience with TeleEV's CCS to Tesla Adapter. Elevate your Tesla charging journey with the convenience of fast charging, wherever your adventures take you. Trust TeleEV to deliver unparalleled charging solutions for your electric vehicle needs.

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