Demystifying EV Connectors: A Guide by TeleEV

Demystifying EV Connectors: A Guide by TeleEV

Understanding the various electric vehicle (EV) connectors is crucial for a seamless charging experience. Let's delve into the four most common types of EV connectors and two essential NEMA sockets:

Common EV Connectors:

1. SAE-J1772:

  • Standard for Level 1 and Level 2 charging in non-Tesla EVs across North America.

2. Tesla:

  • Proprietary charging standard exclusive to Tesla vehicles, accommodating Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 DC fast charging.

3. CCS (Combined Charging Systems):

  • An open-industry standard, prevalent for DC fast charging. Resembles J1772 but features 2 extra power lines for high-voltage connections.

4. CHAdeMO:

  • A DC fast charging standard originating from the Japanese auto industry. While becoming less common, some Japanese brands still utilize it.

Key NEMA Sockets:

1. NEMA 5-15:

  • Known as the basic wall outlet, this type handles up to 16A and 120V power. Standard for Level 1 chargers.

2. NEMA 14-50:

  • Referred to as the RV outlet, it supports up to 40A and 240V power. Commonly used for Level 2 chargers.

Understanding these connectors and sockets is vital for selecting the appropriate charging infrastructure for your EV. Now, empower your charging journey with TeleEV!

TeleEV Leading the Charge

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