Check Out the Must-have Tesla Accessories to Upgrade Your Driving Experience!

Check Out the Must-have Tesla Accessories to Upgrade Your Driving Experience!

"Should I buy Tesla accessories?" "What Tesla accessories should I buy?" Do you have such confusion? If the answer is yes, please read on.

Choosing the right Tesla accessories can greatly improve Tesla owners' driving experience. There are two reasons. First, personality. Every Tesla owner has his/her own habit of using cars. Even if they change a new car, they still want to make changes to adapt to their habits. The other is function. There are always some shortcomings in the actual use of vehicles, and the use of correct accessories can skillfully solve these problems. See which of the following accessories you need!

  • Basic Must-Have Tesla Accessories

We conducted a questionnaire survey on 300 Tesla owners, and found that 99% of Tesla owners would choose to purchase some practical necessary accessories during use to improve their car experience. Therefore, in order to meet the basic car needs of Tesla owners and save money and time for each owner, we have specially introduced a series of practical basic Tesla accessories, so that each Tesla owner can purchase the most needed Tesla accessories at the most affordable price.

1. Tesla Cup Holder

Tesla accessories

This center console cup holder can be placed in the original car's water cup slot stably without shaking. And its material, color and style match the original car very well. Just insert the central control water cup holder into the water cup slot of the original vehicle, and it can be realized with one hand.

Unlike other cup holders, the design of this cup holders is very unique. It can not only stabilize the water cup, prevent slipping and shaking, so that the liquid will not overflow and dirty your car; You can also place cards, mobile phones, money, cigarettes and other accessories.

2. Tesla Camera Cover Slide Accessories

tesla accessories
There was a news report that the camera in Tesla's car would automatically shoot, so many people felt that it leaked their privacy and hoped to close it. But at present, Tesla does not provide a closed entrance. How can we close it? Take a bandage and cover it with physical means. Today I would like to recommend this practical sliding camera cover.

This camera cover is specially made for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, and is applicable to the camera above the rear-view mirror of Model 3 and Model Y to protect your privacy and security, so that you can no longer be monitored. In addition to Tesla, it is also applicable to MacBook, iMac, laptop, PC, iPad, smartphone and other devices.

3. Tesla Center Console Storage Box

Tesla accessories

This central control storage box adopts a very practical partition design. It has clear partitions, which can help you make better use of your storage space, make your small items such as glasses, coins, small receipts, etc. cleaner and more orderly, and create a comfortable interior environment.

In addition, this central control storage box also adopts a push-pull design. After installation, the deep storage space of the original car is directly divided into two parts. One push can access the lower space, and one pull can access the upper space. At the same time, the lower space is hidden, helping to hide private items.

4. Tesla Key Card Holder

Tesla key card holder

This Tesla key card holder has passed many laboratory tests, and the signal sensing function of the key card is completely unaffected. This key card holder is made of selected PU leather materials by hand. It has strong toughness and elasticity, and will not be deformed due to force; And it is scratch resistant and wear-resistant, not easy to aging, and can protect your Tesla key card for a long time.

Its hand feel is comfortable and soft, which can bring you an unprecedented use experience, which is not comparable to ordinary plastic or metal key card sets. The key card holder has a key ring design, which is convenient to hang on your key chain or bag to prevent loss.

  • Interior Protection Accessories

Due to frequent contact or friction during daily use, Tesla interior is easy to get dirty by dust, dirt, etc., or scratched by hard objects. Add some protective interior accessories, which can not only provide protection, but also improve the grade of the car.

1. Tesla Seat Cover

Tesla accessories

I believe we all know that in the process of daily use, the leather seats of the original car will inevitably be contaminated by dirt, liquid, etc., or damaged by animal claws or other hard objects. If you want to upgrade your Tesla style while protecting your precious seats, it is a good choice to install a set of Tesla seat covers. Because after installing the seat cover, your noble leather seat can be fully protected from foreign objects to a large extent and extend its service life.

About the safety issues most concerned by car owners. In fact, this is the question whether the seat cover will affect the normal use of the airbag. You can rest assured that the opening of the seat cover airbag is located at the side of the seat covers and will not affect the normal use of the airbag.

2. Waterproof 3D Floor Mats

tesla floor mats

Are you still putting up with the dirty footprints on the car floor? In rainy days, if the sewage and sludge on the sole of the foot are not separated by the floor mat, the original car floor will be damaged to a large extent, which may lead to the growth of mold and bacteria and endanger the health of the car owner. Don't worry, it will be easier to clean the dirt with these special 3D Tesla floor mats.

This is a three piece set of 3D floor mats, including two floor mats for the front seat and a whole floor mat for the rear seat. The design of the floor mats is very reasonable. It will not jam the brake and accelerator and will not affect driving safety. In addition, each foot pad has a raised edge, which can provide seamless protection, effectively prevent the penetration of dust, mud, liquid and snow, and provide effective protection for your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 floor.

3. Tesla Dog Seat Covers

Tesla accessories

We clearly know the importance of waterproof dog seat cover. This dog seat cover is made of Oxford waterproof fabric with waterproof coating, which can avoid water leakage 100%. It not only provides comfort for your pet, but also protects the interior of your vehicle from juice, food, animal fur and urine. It can avoid damage caused by baby car seats or other hard objects.

One of the biggest highlights of this dog seat cover is that it has a clairvoyant mesh window. This mesh window provides better air circulation for your dog in summer and winter, ensuring that your dog feels cool and warm. More importantly, it can let your dog in the back seat see you clearly, help your dog reduce anxiety, and keep calm when traveling.

4. Tempered Screen Protector for Tesla

Tesla accessories

In the process of daily use, Tesla car owners tend to leave scratches when using towels, paper towels, etc. to wipe and clean the central control screen; Secondly, the unprotected screen is very easy to burst once hit. Stick this screen protector on your Tesla central control screen, and you can easily solve the above problems!

This Tesla screen protector is designed to be ultra-thin and sturdy, which can maintain the touch ability of the GPS navigator while ensuring a better smooth touch. Most importantly, it has 9H hardness, which is enough to deal with the collision and scratch of sharp objects such as knives, keys and scissors on the screen. In addition, the surface of the screen protector is finely carved by laser, so that no fingerprints, oil stains and dust are left when the fingers touch it, and the touch is smooth without jamming.

  • Exterior Protection Accessories

As the exterior decoration is most likely to be soiled and damaged due to direct contact with the outside world, protective measures must be taken. Install some exterior accessories, such as car clothes, mud flaps, etc., so that your Tesla will be permanently renewed.

1. Tesla Car Cover

Tesla accessories

If the car owner needs to park the car on the roadside or in the open parking area of the community for a long time, it is necessary to buy a car cover to better prevent resin or bird droppings from falling on the car paint. In addition, when the car is covered with a car jacket, it can prevent the car paint from being attacked by rain, and it can also prevent children from scratching the car during play.

2. Tesla Mudguards

Tesla accessories

As we all know, when driving on muddy roads in rainy days, it is usually impossible to avoid that the mud and muddy water on the ground will stick to the car tires or splash on the body, affecting the appearance and increasing the number of car washes and costs. In addition, if you often drive on bumpy country roads, the gravel on the road will fly out due to the rolling of wheels, causing damage to the vehicle body. You can easily avoid the above problems by installing this Tesla special mudguard!

So, what's the function of mudguard? On the one hand, the mudguard can effectively prevent water drops and soil from splashing onto the pull rod or ball head, so that the pull rod ball head may encounter water and cause rust. On the other hand, it can also effectively prevent the gravel on the dry road from flying out of the tire tread and hitting the car body, so as to avoid damage to the car paint. In addition, during driving, the mudguard will block most of the sediment and muddy water below, keep the body clean and beautiful, and reduce the times of car washing and painting.

3. Tesla Insect Net-Segmented

Tesla accessories

Insect proof net is a kind of protective net, which is installed outside the radiator at the front of the car at the water tank frame. The main function of the car insect screen is to prevent leaves, insects, sand and other debris from hitting the radiator through the gap of the front bumper, protect the radiator from damage, and keep the radiator clean. If an automobile insect proof net is installed, the owner should regularly remove the protective screen for cleaning, so as to avoid excessive accumulation of foreign matters on the protective screen, which will affect the heat dissipation of the water tank.

  • Function Expansion Accessories

Have you ever thought of trying a different driving experience? Some Tesla accessories can help you achieve this goal! They are some function expansion accessories, which can expand the functions that the original car does not have, bringing you a new experience and more fun.

1. Tesla Roof Rack

Tesla roof rack

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more Tesla owners focus on enjoying life. For example, it is a good choice to choose a good weather for outdoor travel on weekends or holidays. However, there is always a problem when travelling far away, that is, there is too much luggage to carry, but the luggage space is limited. The restriction of the space inside the car makes countless car owners who like to travel far away worry. Install a Tesla roof rack to make full use of the space on the roof! Whether you like to adventure with friends or just need a way to transport goods, Tesla roof rack is a perfect accessory!

The roof rack is light and strong enough to accommodate the goods you put on it that are not suitable for the trunk, such as bicycles, skis, tents, etc. So you don't have to worry about wasting time packing or trying to load your equipment into the car!

2. Tesla Dashboard

Tesla accessories

Are you still worried that the frequent browsing of important driving and entertainment information on Tesla's central touch screen is too dangerous, affecting driving safety? Look here! This Tesla dashboard has a design that can be freely rotated and adjusted to match the driver's best viewing position, so that you can feel more at ease when driving. It allows you to run Google Maps, Waze, and other important applications in front of you. It also features Bluetooth and wireless software updates. It can be seen that this Tesla instrument combines multiple basic functions and advanced functions.

3. Tesla Phone Holder

Tesla accessories

As Tesla's navigation is difficult to use, many car owners choose to use mobile navigation. At this time, using a mobile phone holder will make it easier and safer to view the mobile phone navigation. We recommend that you choose the latest and upgraded electric phone holder. Different from the ordinary phone holder, it is designed with a 360 ° rotary spherical interface, and users can adjust various angles as required. You can adjust the best driving perspective to avoid potential driving hazards and make driving safer. The user can place it outside the air conditioning vent on the left side of the driver's seat, and the bracket can be perfectly clamped here.

4. Tesla Spoiler

Tesla accessories

Many Tesla owners who pursue individuality think that the tail of Tesla's original car is too monotonous, low-grade and without characteristics. Therefore, many Tesla owners choose to add carbon fiber spoiler after collecting the car. This spoiler is made of imported 3K100% pure carbon fiber material. Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber materials have comparative advantages in strength, stiffness and impact resistance. Its surface is attached with high gloss UV essential oil, and the process is very excellent! These outstanding characteristics determine that this real carbon fiber tail is very suitable for decorating cars, and your Tesla is more cool and fashionable!

Compared with the traditional spoiler, it can also enable the car to produce greater grip, effectively reduce the air resistance generated by the car when driving at high speed, and save fuel; Secondly, it can counteract part of the lift, control the car to float, reduce the wind resistance, so that the car can drive close to the road and improve the driving stability. If you want your Tesla to have the most exciting sports appearance and maximum downforce at a higher speed, this real carbon fiber spoiler will be a good choice!


  • Summery

We can not only improve our happiness by owning a Tesla, but also further improve the driving experience by adding high-quality Tesla accessories. Today's content recommends some accessories that can protect or upgrade your car to improve the driving experience of Tesla owners. We hope this article can give some help and inspiration to Tesla owners who are seeking to improve their driving experience.

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