A Guide to Using the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 40A EV Charging Adapter

A Guide to Using the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 40A EV Charging Adapter

Owning a J1772 electric vehicle (EV) opens up a world of possibilities, and when it comes to expanding your charging options, the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 40A EV Charging Adapter is your key to unparalleled flexibility. This adapter not only facilitates charging through Tesla infrastructure but also grants access to an extensive network of 15,000 additional locations nationwide. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of using the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 40A EV Charging Adapter, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient charging experience.

Step 1: Locate a Charging Station

  1. Utilize the Tesla App or Website:
    • Launch the Tesla app or visit the website.
    • Tap on "Find Us" and input your location details.
    • Filter the search results specifically for Destination Charger stations.

Step 2: Connect to the Charger

  1. Proper Alignment:
    • Upon reaching the designated charging station, align the Tesla plug with the adapter.
    • Insert the Tesla plug into the adapter until it securely clicks into place.
    • Allow approximately 30 seconds for the charger to recognize the adapter.

Step 3: Connect to Your J1772 EV

  1. Access Charge Port:
    • Locate the charge port on your J1772 EV.
    • Insert the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 Adapter into the charge port, ensuring a secure fit.
    • The adapter will establish automatic communication with your EV, initiating the charging process.

Step 4: Monitor the Charging Process

  1. Utilize Mobile App or Station Display:
    • Monitor the charging process through your car's mobile app.
    • Alternatively, check the charging status directly on the charging station display.
    • Note that charging time varies based on the charging station's power rating and your EV's battery level.

Step 5: Disconnect the Adapter

  1. Release and Disconnect:
    • Press the release button on the adapter to disengage it from the charging port.
    • Gently pull the adapter out of the charging port.
    • Disconnect the Tesla charging handle from the adapter.

Conclusion: Embrace Charging Freedom with TeleEV

Bid farewell to range anxiety as the TeleEV Tesla to J1772 40A EV Charging Adapter empowers you with unmatched versatility. Safely stow the adapter in your glove box, knowing that you now have the best of both worlds. With TeleEV, access a broader spectrum of charging stations anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to charge effortlessly and expansively. TeleEV - Redefining the EV charging experience.

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